Fashion Tips: Statment Necklace

Statement necklaces are also a signature Michelle Obama look, and I love this version from Fenton she wore a few months back. She also keeps the rest of her outfit low-key and lets the necklace do the talking.
Here are a few solid tips on exactly how to wear a big necklace of your own:

1. Start with a neutral background. The last thing you want when you're wearing a big piece of jewelry is to look overwhelmed by it, so pair it with a white blouse, white T-shirt, or a simple black sweater. Avoid prints until you're really sure you've mastered the whole mix-and-match thing.
2. Go casual. One of the reasons Erin's look works so well is because she creates great contrast between the super-laidback outfit and the super-chic necklace. People will be even more drawn to your gorgeous bling if you let it stand out against a basic look.
3. Keep the other jewelry to a minimum. Again, this is a statement necklace--so let it be heard! Other jewelry will only distract from the piece's impact, especially earrings, since they're so close to your face. If you must wear a pair, opt for a simple stud.
4. When in doubt, rely on the LBD. The answer to so many important fashion questions is as simple as "Little Black Dress." And that's true in this case too--if you're not sure what to wear your big necklace with, know that you can't go wrong when pairing it with an LBD. Opaque black tights and simple black pumps complete the look.